Apr. 11th, 2017

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Testing testing
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Righty-o! This here shall be my new dwelling-place.
It may have been time for a fresh start, regardless of the more pressing reasons that spurred me to start a new journal.

Let's start by setting an intention. Or an anti-intention, as the case may be. Here, I don't intend to concern myself with strict adherence to my factual life. In that "factual life", I can be scientific-minded, responsible, thorough, honest to a fault; but here I prefer to consider life in other terms. They can lead you astray, but they can also make certain things more clear (not to mention more interesting). So, if someone asks, for instance, "do you really believe in magic?", my practical response would be: "of course not!" My intuitive response would be: "most certainly do!" And my logical response would be: "that depends entirely on your definition".

Now, having done with that cumbersome disclaimer, let's start somewhere - more specifically, at the centre of my personal universe.
I'm a shape-shifter. There are some forms I take on regularly, and others that come and go - knight, snail, sage, cat, two-headed demon, and so on. I'm a moving target, an electron cloud, and not really here. I'm a magic-user. I dabble in alchemy. I can act as an amulet, which tends to be fiendishly hard work, but often pays off with enough patience and persistence.
I'm also in the process of establishing a mental/spiritual practice, which I initially dubbed "the experiment", and which has been running since the end of January this year.


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